15. Make money writing articles or web content.

Is writing your hobby? Do you want to inform the public and earn money? Start making money by writing articles or web content!

There are countless amounts of websites that offer you to write articles or web content for money. Some or more professional and are on different terms than others.

When starting as a beginner. It is advised to first apply for a Paypal account, as that is the way in which you get paid for most articles. Secondly, sign up for Google Adsense, for some websites require you to have an Adsense account to generate extra revenue.

Then, the nest step is finding the right site that is willing to publish your articles and web content and pay for it. The amount of money you will make and when you will receive it depends on the website. Search www.google.com to find websites willing to pay for your articles and content. To make it easier for you, the following two examples are selected as good websites to check out.

Associated content:  This websites pays you the instant you give them one of your articles and you are able to receive bonuses when a lot of people read your article.  (Only for United States citizens)   –  http://www.associatedcontent.com/

Trinod: This website gives you 50% of the net income realised by your content of the previous month.    – http://www.triond.com/rw/34561

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