17. Make money by building websites.

Are you good with computers and the internet? Don’t waste your skills, start building websites and make money!

Today’s internet has countless of options that allow you to build a website for a low price or even for free. Some are for everyone and others are for more experienced website builders.

To turn this into a money making business you simply learn how to build a website by building your own. How to do this can be found all over the internet and will usually cost you some money. If you have found the host you think is of high quality but not too expensive then build the website. You may want to use the same website building program for your clients. Set prices for the clients and think of a good profit margin. You don’t want it to be too expensive for your clients, because you are not a professional and otherwise none will hire you.  Before doing this it is perhaps wise to write a small business plan.

When having your own website to reach your clients and when having built different websites for clients you will receive money from the clients, for the work you have done. In addition you can ask an amount of money on a yearly or monthly base (depending on different factors) to keep the website online.

There are even possibilities for building free websites. Take into consideration that these websites will be less professional, perhaps leading to fewer clients willing to pay money.

The following link is an example for free websites: http://www.wix.com/flash_websites/free_website_51

This may be the right thing for you! Good luck.

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