25. Make money by being a webhost.

Web hosting is a service offering individuals or businesses the space to store information, images or other content accessible through a website. Obviously they pay their webhost. Do you want to make money for being a webhost?

One way to make money for being a webhost is through a method called ‘Reseller Hosting’. This simply means buying a web host package and reselling it for a better price, making a profit. The only downside is that with the type of webhost package you will purchase it will be on a shared server. However, for the low prices many will not find this a problem. Let us be real, you will not sell space to international companies for a thousand per month.

To sell this type of hosting you need to network, because a lot of webmasters are following this trend. Maybe looking in not very popular areas will do the trick. You definitely need to put effort into finding website owners who need a webhost and you need to create trust among potential clients. Perhaps you can market in local newspapers or magazines. Individuals thinking about developing a website and still need a webhost may read how cheap you are and choose for you, because they trust things that are put into magazines.

Good luck with making money by being a webhost!

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