6. How to make money with twitter.

Twitter is another social phenomenon. On Twitter it is all about the followers. The more followers you have, the more you get. Now learn how to use this to make some money!

Your followers are mostly the key to your success in making money with Twitter.

One way is sending out sponsored tweets. It works as a pay-per-click system and it really depends on your followers if you make any money. Many may consider this to be spam and irritated, but it is a method nonetheless.

There are also possibilities to send out sponsored tweets without the pay-per-click system. You will get paid with every tweet you send out. Again, think of the fact that many of your followers may see this as spam. This method can be done with: http://www.tweetroi.com/

There are many more subtle ways to make money with twitter. Have a look at all the affiliate marketing programs enabling you to put product URLs and receive money when people click on them.

Be careful, because some websites cannot be trusted. Search the internet for the right methods and look for recommended websites.

Good luck making money with twitter!

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