18. Make money by building a search engine.

Everyone knows the legendary tale of Google. How this search engine became the most popular in the world. Are you intrigued by this? Do not hesitate and try it yourself! Start making money by building a search engine.

You will probably not catch the success that Google had. However, you are able to build a search engine that actually helps with making money.

Try not to compete with Google and follow in their footsteps. Put that thought out of your head. Instead, see things from another angle.

The internet is an enormous place. It has no boundaries. We make

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the internet together and it is expanding every day, with more websites and more information. To access this information, to even find it, search engines are used.

When typing a few keywords into a search engine it provides pages with millions of links to websites that fit the description from your key words.

A hot item is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This enables everyone to get high in the Google ranking and therefore have more people directed to their website.

This also means irrelevant websites are able to get a high ranking without really having the specifically factual information the person is looking for on the web.

Perhaps another specific angle to look at this, is building a search engine that is specific for one subject. For example, a search engine purely for information on football. This will leave out all the irrelevant information.

Try to think of a subject that is very important and build your search engine around it! Perhaps Google will direct the search towards your engine (this can be done with Search Engine Optimization). For example, if someone looks for the subject football and he types it in on Google then the person will be directed to your search engine (specifically designed for searching the subject football). Now the subject is narrowed down and he will only find relevant information through your search engine. To make this work, people should see what your search engine does in a first glance. Fortunately, this can be realised with techniques that can be find on the internet. For example, choose a good domain name, as that will help with getting high in Google rankings and show what your search engine is all about.

For actually building a search engine we also refer you to the internet as there are a lot of websites and tutorials that inform you about how to do so.

Take in mind that it will cost you a lot of time and a starting up capital to build a successful working search engine!! http://searchenginewatch.com/3289401

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