23. Make money by writing poetry.

Are you able to express your thoughts and out them on paper? Do you love poetry and want to make extra money? Read this through and start with making money by writing poetry!

Writing poetry is a beautiful art. A massive amount of people in this world often write or read poetry. There is only a small amount that actually earns money by writing poetry, at least on a grand scale. Nevertheless, even you are able to make some money by writing poetry.

Scattered across the internet are all sort of websites offering you to upload your poetry. A good example is Triond. This website has also been recommended for writing articles. However, they also give the possibility of uploading poetry.

When you put your poetry on their website, they will put ads beneath your poetry. When people view your poetry and the ads you receive money for the views. The more people viewing your poetry and ads, the more money you make. The payment is done through Paypall.

The following website explains how to do this correctly in 7 steps: http://www.ehow.com/how_2326638_publishing-poems-poetry-online-triond.html

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