43. Making money with Google Adwords.


Do you have an own business? Do you want to get more traffic on your website? Make more money on your product or service? Use Google Adwords and make money!

Google Adwords gives companies the opportunity to promote its brands on Google-websites. Google Adwords provides ads defined by search words created by the promoting business. If someone is searching on one of the search words, then the ad will be displayed next or above the results of the search words someone is searching with.

You products will be promoted because people search on words you linked to the search words you defined for your adverts. This is a great way to generate more traffic directed to products or services they are actually looking for. It will therefore increase more visitors and hopefully more customers buying your products. If that happens then you make money by using Google Adwords.

The aforementioned method is the traditional way and will cost you money, because you have to pay for every click on your ads. The positive thing is that this is very direct marketing; it is cost-effective, because only people actually looking in the range of your product will see the ad and you therefore reach a more specific target audience.

There is another way of making money with Google Adwords stated on the internet. However, this is not the traditional way.

For this method you again need to use an affiliate program. The idea is to use clickbank.com and register for a product that is listed. You then receive a product promotion URL as usual. Also, do research on the product, because you have to write a story for Google Adwords.

The next step is to register for Google Adwords. You have to create your own Ad and after that is done you have to submit the budget you want to spend on every click on your Ad and of course put your product promotion URL in it.

After 10 minutes

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your ad will be displayed. Now, if researchers hit one of your search words linked to the product they will see the ad, they click on it and Google will charge you for every click, according to how much you bid on a specific keyword.

If the researcher then continues in clicks on your URL, because he finds the product interested (I mean he was using a keyword similar to the product) then you will receive the commission from the affiliate program.

This means that you will pay for Google Adwords, but in return get people directed to your URL from the product who are searching for such a product or something similar. This means it is far more likely they will click on your affiliate link than when random people are confronted with your link.

If you want to try this you have to outweigh the advantage of getting people directed to your link who are interested in the product to the disadvantage of paying for it. Be sure you are receiving more money than you lose for every click.

The precise explanation of how to do this is on the following website: http://ezinearticles.com/?How-Do-You-Make-Money-From-Google-Adwords?&id=49404

Good luck!

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