30. Make money doing odd jobs for people.

This may sound weird. But there are a lot of odd and dull jobs nobody likes to do. However, they may be very important and may aid businesses or individuals with promotion and other important things. Make money doing odd jobs for people!

Think about all the small jobs people do not like to do or forget doing. You probably have skills other people do not obtain. Perhaps you are able to turn these skills into a money making market!

The way to tackle this method of making money is easy to do. First of all, make al list of your skills. What are you good at? What do you like doing? There might be things you can help with in your neighbourhood or local area. If you produced a list try to turn this into a leaflet that can be used as a promotion tool.

Before you can do this, it is important to actually think of jobs. The following list contains examples of odd jobs you can do for people:

–         Running errands for people who are not walking well.

A lot of elderly and also younger people have difficulties with doing simple things as getting groceries. You will be doing their errands for them and asking a small amount of money for it.

–         DIY – fixing things at houses (people usually wait with this very long, especially if they are not good at it)


Some people have to left hands and leave things the way they are when broken. There are always things that need to be fixed sooner or later. Do not hesitate, use your skills and offer your services.

–         Baby-sitting

If you are good with babies and people trust you. Perhaps baby-sitting is the right job for you.

–         Giving massages

A lot of people like to relax. They find massages from professionals too expensive. Are you good with your hands? Give massages and make money!

–         Give piano lessons

Are you a great piano player? Do you like to teach this art to people who are not willing to spend all that money for a professional teacher? Start with giving piano lessons!

Be creative, make a list, turn it into a leaflet, promote it in the area and you will make money doing odd jobs for people! Make sure that these people recommend you to other people. That is a cheap marketing method.

Good luck!

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