32. Make money with party planning.

Are you a social person? Do you know how to throw a party? Are you able to listen to your client’s wishes? Start with making money by planning parties!

As party planning already states, it is a prerequisite to be able to plan! This is a firsthand warning, because it is very difficult to successfully plan a party.

There are many factors that all influence your planning and this may result into a mess instead of a party. This is not being told to scare you off, but just to remind you of the effort that needs to be put into party planning.

It is important to take things step by step. First choose what type of parties you want to plan, if you want it to be specific, customized to the client’s wishes then you spent more time than when you only give birthday parties.

After you decide what kind of parties you want to plan, then it is advised to first write a simple business plan. This plan should contain all the different aspects of a business and will be the foundation of your business. If you take this step by step, then you will not forget a step and be facing unwanted surprises when actually running the business. Preparation is everything!

If you have the business plan and the capital to actually throw a good party, then you can market yourself through your own website, on other websites, in newspapers and in magazines. Try to promote yourself and try to reach the first client. Remember to put ads in magazines specifically focused on your type of parties. If you want to plan wedding parties, then put ads into wedding magazines.

If you have you first client, make an appointment to create the general idea of how the party should be. You should make a list of different questions that you need to know before you are able to plan a party. After the meeting you should start with your initial planning and make an estimation of the costs involved. You have to make another appointment and tell the person the estimated costs and also let the client sign a contract; otherwise things can go devastatingly wrong.

Now the actual planning can start! Make sure that you follow your own plan, forget nothing! Also, first arrange the things that will cost the most time and money and do things that will cost you less time later. Another important thing is to taken into account that food should be fresh and delivered right on the morning of the party itself!

If you have taken these steps then you will hopefully plan a successful party and make money! If you do a good job then the client will probably recommend you to others. That is how the ball may start rolling.

Remember to make your own steps to follow! Good luck.

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