34. Make money writing book reviews.

Do you love books? Do you like to enter another world even if it just for a short while? If you are good in expressing your opinion on paper then use this love for making money! Read a book, write a review and make money.

You obviously need to like books. Otherwise you will not be holding out too long with this method of making money. Another important factor is that your reviews should be of a reasonable quality. For some it comes naturally and others

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have to work on it. You can register for a website like Amazone.com and use it as a practice place for writing reviews and perhaps develop a name among review readers. They do not pay you, but it makes for good practice.

As soon as you are confident about your review writing, then you can start with making money.

There are different website that pays for your reviews and articles on books. However, most do not pay very much and only pay out when you have gathered 50 dollars or something.

A recommended website is www.shvoong.com as this site pays 10% of the advertising revenues your review or abstract generates. Of course, this means that people have to like reading your review to make any money. Another thing is that you need to have a large amount of reviews before you can really make some money with this website. Nevertheless, it is good to try and they pay when you have collected an amount of 10 dollars, which is better to reach than 50.

Perhaps an even better way to make money by writing reviews is too post them on your own blog. You need to use a blogging site of course, or have your own website. If you use your own website than register for Google Adsense and try to get people to click the ads from Google after they have read your review.

You can also register for the affiliate program and get links to specific products on your review page. If your review is about such a product (perhaps review more than only books), then they may want to click on the link and purchase the product. You will receive a percentage from the revenue of that specific product.

Be creative and good luck!

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