37. Start a pet services company in your area.

Are you good with pets? To you like pets? Use your pet tending skills and turn them into a money making service company!

Well, we have already described how to start up a dog walking service. This, however, is a pet tending service and is a bit more general.

You first need to know where your skills lay. It is wise to make a list of pets you are able to care for, because not all pets are easy to handle and it will not be good promotion if one of the pets dies because you are incompetent.

If you made your list then you should turn this list into a professional flyer, also stating the price you ask for caring for the pets. Perhaps this depends on the pet and how long you will care for it. If that is the case then you should establish the price with every individual differently.

You can start with handing out flyers in your area. You should also put them in the local supermarkets and stores. Another good method is writing a press release about your service and trying to get this into the local newspaper. If the newspaper publishes the press release, then you have a free promotion tool to create awareness among your target audience.

It may also be wise to have a website. This, however, will cost you more money and effort, but

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will also increase professionalism. It is for you to outweigh the advantages and disadvantages.

After you have carried out your little promotional campaign you can only wait for clients. It is important to be prepared for any client. They need to feel you are worthy enough to take care of their pet for a while! If you successfully cared for their pets, then they will probably return to you and also tell about your service. That is a good thing, because now they will inform others about you and the word of your high quality pet Service Company will spread.

Good luck with your pet service company!

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