4. Make money by reviewing products.

Do you have strong opinions regarding products? Do you want to put your voice into the world and make money by doing so? Start reviewing products!

As long as you can express your opinion you can write reviews. Reviewing products is simply writing your opinion on products and services. Business organisations want positive reviews, because it will come from other customers and potential customers tend to believe this rather than believing what the company itself states on its product or service. Websites that collect product reviews want to inform the public on these items.

To review products you can make a video on your webcam or camera. For example ExpoTV uses this method of reviewing products and services. If you don’t like to be on video, then writing a review is possible. A good example for this is ReviewStream which pays 2 dollars per accepted video.

It is advised to review products you like, because this will make you more enthusiastic and that will be expressed in your review. Or otherwise products your truly dislike and for which you are able to give good and interesting reasons.

It is of vital importance that your reviews are interesting! If done well, you may earn a nice amount of extra money per review. Of course, as said before, you have to do this regularly and put some effort in it!

The following are examples of product review websites: http://www.paid2review.co.uk/paid-reviews.htmlwww.ReviewMe.com

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