1. How to make money with YouTube.

YouTube is an ever present media in our lives.

You cannot deny it. Why not USE it? Make money with YouTube!

Stay tuned and read this through, because there is a way to make money on YouTube!

Create a free account on YouTube. Make sure the account name is unique and easy to remember. A good example for a name would be something simple and that aims at what you do and represent, such as ‘MartyMovies’. This is just an example, but it is easy to remember.

A famous method of making money on YouTube is called ‘Vlogging’. This is filming your everyday life. If you are funny and have a unique show then you will be attracting followers. After a certain amount of followers YouTube will pay you money. Another direction you can head is making How-To videos, teaching and informing people. This is always popular, as people find it easy to use YouTube when facing a problem.

If you want to be a hit, then it is important that your channel is liked. The hottest videos on YouTube contain, for example, cute things, music (not stolen) en hot girls. Remember, any illegal content cannot be used! In short; be unique, catchy and hot!

After making your video, the next step is coming up with a good title. A good title is vital. It should be self-explanatory, easy to remember and easy to pronounce.

After the video is created, it is important to boost the views on your video. This can be done by sharing links on social media such as Facebook and Twitter or by downloading software such as ‘Viewet for free’ which is a YouTube view exchange software where you watch other people’s videos automatically and they watch yours in return. If you have successfully gotten a thousand views within a week on a video that matches the YouTube terms than you may get an email from them with an invitation to apply for revenue sharing for your video. If you accept, then you receive money on that specific video.

If you do well, then you are able to apply for a full partnership with YouTube. This is not easy, for you need a lot of followers and views. Having hot and up-to-date videos is a prerequisite. Taking it to the next step is everything. You can apply here: www.youtube.com/partners.

Put some effort into your show and you will make money and perhaps even get famous!

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