2. How to make money by advertising.

Advertising is well-known by everyone. You see them on a daily base. You may even find some irritating. However, you are able to use advertising yourself and make money by doing it!

A way of making money by advertising is putting ads on your web page. Of course having a web page is a requirement for this. No worries. Websites are easily created these days.

The internet is used by everyone and is therefore a medium used by businesses to reach potential customers. Business organizations prefer to reach the highest amount of potential customers by spending the lowest amount of money and many therefore choose for less popular websites who do reach a reasonable amount of people.

To make money on this, it is necessary to sign up with the affiliate program and use their links if you want to make money. This will then be advertisements from organisations which are part of the affiliate program. From every mouse click in the ad, you will get money. It is not much, but it is money and if you have a very interested page and the advertising works well with your website, making sure that you get an enormous amount of viewers, then, that small amount of money per click may turn into a reasonable amount.

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