5. How to make money on Facebook.

Everyone is aware of the Facebook phenomenon. Too bad none of use created it, right? Well, you can make a little bit of money by the success of Mark Zuckerberg.

You usually will not get rich using Facebook to earn money. However, the fact is that Facebook is one of the best mediums to use when trying to communicate to the world.

One of the simplest ways is to sell product or services by using Facebook as a communication medium. You can easily make a Facebook account with a specific focus on your product or service. By adding your friends or people who are interested in you and your product or service you may sell more of it, or promote yourself and realise sales. It is important to be inventive and have friends on Facebook who do not feel ‘attacked’. They should feel that you put an interest into them and do not have them as friends for getting money out of them.

Another way is that you can use Facebook for affiliate marketing. You have to register with an affiliate program. After you have done this, you will be able to put links to ads on your Facebook. For every person visiting those ads you will receive payment.

Be creative and do your best!

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