38. Start your own email newsletter service online.

E-mail Newsletters are a good way for organisations to keep in contact with clients, partners and employees. Start up your own online email newsletter service!

Business organisations use email newsletter as a cost-effective way to work on their customer-relationship and promote their business.

Even though this is not very expensive it takes effort and time to provide a weekly newsletter with fresh and good content that will keep the reader engaged.

Here lays your opportunity. Business organisations may want to use outsourcing for their newsletter and you can be the freelancers they hire!

There are several factors needing consideration. First of all, you need to have contacts to work for. You can write a small plan on how to reach these. Good tips are perhaps putting and ad in local business papers, but that is expensive. A more direct way is to design an email yourself in which you explain your service and the benefits of having a newsletter for the company. Take time to write a great email. It should not be too long, but it needs to contain enough information for a business to consider the option of hiring you. Perhaps upload an example newsletter you designed. Seeing things makes people want it faster. The biggest disadvantage of using email as a way to promote your service is that it may be seen as spam or irritating. Consider that option and use different ways of promotion. Be creative!

If you have found clients who liked your example newsletter you should set up a contract with them consisting of all terms, such as if the newsletter will be weekly or monthly and what your payment is.

Always keep the content fresh and interesting! Do research on you client’s products or services, because the newsletter is often for their customers. Maintain good communication with the organisation you are working for, because it is important the newsletter has all the information in it the business organisation requires.

Good luck!

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