12. Make money with EBay.

Ebay is the world largest online marketplace where practically anyone can buy and sell almost anything. It provides individuals and even small businesses the tool to communicate to the audience and sell or buy products.

The official method of making money with Ebay is pretty straightforward, everyone can do it!

First, if you want to make money you need an item to sell. This can be something you

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already have or something you specifically bought to sell with profit.

When just starting it is perhaps wise to sell items you already own, as this gives you virtually no costs and is a good start to show yourself on Ebay. Secondly, you need to list the item on Ebay. This requires you to register first, afterwards you are able to list the item, set the price, and upload a photo. This is all explained on the website.

It is important to keep the price low! Especially in the beginning, because you are new and because people only see a photo of the item, they will not likely buy a product that is very expensive.

Other important factors are having a good title for your item and especially, building trust. The Ebay community should be able to trust you and write good feedback, as that will boost sales. What is also important is getting more eyeballs (the amount of people bidding on your item). The more people bidding the higher the price goes up. Once someone is looking at one of your listings you are able tob direct them to 14 other listed items. This is the way to really make some money with Ebay.

Good luck with your small money making enterprise! http://www.ebay.com

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