19. Make money by creating a forum community.

Are you a fan of forum communities? Do you want to create your own place where people can chat, learn to know each other and perhaps focus on a specific subject? Do not hesitate! Create your own forum community and even make money by doing so.  

The first step is actually setting up a forum community. Just as with websites this can be done for free or for yearly costs. How to do this can be found on the internet. There are a lot of providers offering necessary software and the steps of setting up a forum community.

If you already own a website then you can link the forum community to it. This makes it easier to direct already existing traffic to the forum. Also, the forum’s subject can be about the website. Perhaps you sell a product or provide a service.

The good thing about a forum community is that whether or not it is for business purposes you will have people communicating with each other. It is a dialogue whereas with most websites it only comes from one side.

The positive factor is that when the forum community is build to support your business organisation you may receive feedback from customers and work on a better customer relationship. You will sell more products or services and by that make more money.

Another idea is, when you have created a forum and you have found an interesting topic for the forum, you will try to make people aware of the forum and create visitors.

When people first become a member of a forum it is because they see something they like. The following step is making sure that people stay attached to your forum and keep posting and communicating to you and other people. To realise this, putting effort in keeping your forum up-to-date is a prerequisite. Also, creating an atmosphere of friendship and kindness is important. A place where people truly can be themselves, talk about topics they like and discuss matters they consider to be important.

If you have a well running forum community with a lot of members, then the money making can start.

One way is to ask member fees. We advice you not to ask this for a normal member account, because that will initially scare people away. You can, however, design a premium member account with access to other information or perhaps were people receive gifts. Anything that makes people willing to pay the fee for a premium membership fee can be used. This is a good way to make money from your forum, although it needs effort and time.

There may be more ways to make money with your own forum community! Be creative.

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