20. Make money with cars.

Are you very technical? Do you have a love for cars? Do you like working on them for a hobby? Start to make money with cars!

The method of making money with cars here is rather easy. There is however a

few things you need.

Starting money: you will need an amount of money on your bank account that can be used freely. The amount depends on factors that will be explained next.

Purchase a car: there are a lot of websites that offer cars that do not work anymore. You need to purchase a car. How bad the state of car should depend on your skills at fixing it again. Perhaps it just needs spare parts. In that case you will be able to buy those from your starting money and use them to fix the car. Choosing a car that you want to fix should not be taken lightly. Put some thought into this and make sure that you choose a car which you can actually fix in a reasonable amount of time.

Find buyers: when you have fixed the car. Then you can find buyers needing a car. Because the car is not brand new, you cannot ask too much money for it. However, you will be able to cover the expenses you made for fixing the car and some extra to earn as a profit.

This way of making money with cars is rather difficult and depends on your skills, your starting capital, your effort and the amount of clients willing to

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buy such a car. The market for this will probably be young people without much money.

Cars can be bought on auctions and sold on online websites. When having no skills regarding fixing cars than you can also buy cars which are still in a fit shape. It is however more difficult to make a profit on this.

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