13. Making money by blogging.

Do you like writing? Do you have an interesting life or do you make things sound better? Start blogging! You even can make money.

Blogging is writing on an online blog. There are all types of websites on which you can start your own blogging. You are able to talk about your daily life, a subject or different subjects. It can be everything! In a lot of cases people who read your blog are able to comment on it. This increases the interaction with your audience.

But how do you make money by blogging? It will not generate serious income, but you may get money out of blogging by different ways.

Advertising: when having your own blogging website, then you are able to let business organisations advertise on it. To get this type of advertising, having a large audience is necessary. Therefore, first put a lot of effort into your blogging, create

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a solid and broad audience who read your blogs daily, then put an ad on your website. A positive thing about blogging is that you are able to promote the specific brand being advertised in your blog. For example, you may talk about the product and give compelling reasons for the audience to be interested and click on the advert.

Donation: when being confident on your blogging and having a large audience then you may be bold and ask for donations. If you have your own website than with guidance from the internet a donation button can be installed, enabling people to donate a small amount of money to you and your blogs.

Selling items: of course one can also try to sell items by blogging. Focus every blog you make on one specific item and put a link to the specific item on Ebay or any other tool you can find to sell items online and this may result into people loving the item and purchasing it from you. This requires trust from your audience.

The main danger from trying to earn money by blogging is people getting irritated because they see the advert or because you try to get them into purchasing products. If, however, you are honest, build trust among your audience and really write interesting and compelling blogs, then maybe they will believe anything you say and you will make money.

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