35. Making money with your own affiliate program.

Affiliate programs offer you to register and give you ads from brands to put on your website. Instead of using such a program, why not build one and earn the commission yourself!?

Affiliate programs offer links of URLs which affiliates display on own websites. This is often done with regular advertising. Using links to ads from one brand on different websites is a great way to optimize ranking in search engines and to generate more traffic for brands.

Before you can launch your own affiliate program you have to fully understand it. Doing research on already existing programs and how payment works is a prerequisite. If you want to achieve any success, research is the key.

A successful affiliate program does not only provide websites with ads to websites of business organisations. The methods used by affiliate programs are:

Search Engine Optimization – the process of improving the visibility of website in search engines.

Search engine marketing – other forms of search engine optimization.

E-mail marketing – this is a form of direct marketing. It uses emails a method to send a message to the audience. It raises awareness among the target audience, but is a rather aggressive method.

Display advertising – this contains all types of advertising. Links, logo’s and pictures of business organisations spread on different media.

 Search the internet to educate and enlighten yourself further on the topic.

If you fully understand what an affiliate program is, then the next step is to develop the affiliate program on your own. This is no easy task. If you have money to spend you may consider outsourcing and let others do it for you. Otherwise you still have to pay the fees to keep the site online, but you will save on building costs as you are building the network yourself.

If you have sufficient budget, then, the following sites are able to develop and implement a good network for you: http://www.befree.com/ http://www.linkshare.com/ http://www.incentaclick.com/

If you develop it yourself you have to decide a right program model, making legal agreements and defining criteria for membership and more. Every aspect as to be perfect and a strong basic foundation has to be set-up.

When you have your program established it is important to spent time and money to market it. To reach the target audience and make sure you receive business organizations who want to use your program as a tool to reach clients. Another thing is that you need to get members and they need to put the ads on their venues.

This means a lot of work, but when pulled-off you will make good money. Good luck!

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